-- Puppy Purchase Contract --


____________________________________________________ (Hereinafter referred to as "SELLER") _____________________________________________________ (Hereinafter referred to as "BUYER")


Buyer's address:__________________________________________________________________

Buyer's phone number:_____________________________________________________________

Buyer's Email address:_____________________________________________________________


Puppy’s Birth Name:___________________________________________________________

Puppy's Color:_______________________________Coat Type:________________________

Puppy's Sex:_______________________Whelping Date:______________________________

Sire's Name:___________________________Dam's Name:____________________________


Said puppy must be picked up between 8 and 10 weeks of age. Puppies will not be held beyond 10 weeks. Failure to pick up your puppy will result in forfeit of any payments received and the puppy will be placed for adoption again.

All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, however deposits may be transferable to another puppy at a later date should a family emergency or change in circumstance arise prior to said puppy reaching 8 weeks of age. Deposit transfers will be at the Seller's discretion.

Deposit Price: $ _____________________________ Date Received: ___________________________

Total Purchase Price: $ _______________________ Date Received: ___________________________


Health Certification:

Said puppy will be given it's first combo vaccine and will be dewormed for common parasites several times before leaving the Seller's home. It is important to follow up with further booster shots and parasite treatments according to veterinarian recommendations. Starting a monthly flea/heartworm treatment at your first appointment is wise as 8 weeks of age is the soonest those treatments become a viable option. The Buyer has 48 hours from the date of sale to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian of their own choice, at their own expense. If the vet exam reveals that the puppy has a life threatening genetic defect, the Buyer must contact the Seller on the day of the office visit. Buyer will then have the option of returning said puppy within 5 days along with a written diagnosis from the attending vet, for a replacement puppy of equal value when one becomes available. Returning the puppy will be at the Buyer's expense and must be conducted within 5 days for the Buyer to be entitled to a replacement puppy. Replacement is the only option. No refunds will be made. No veterinary bills will be paid by the Seller. Genetic defects that are NOT life threatening (such as a kinked tail) are NOT covered by this warranty


Typical Adjustment Period:

For puppies going to a new home, meeting new people and pets can be a scary experience.

Mild distress including crying and barking, mostly at bedtime, is to be expected during the first few nights away from their mother and littermates. Slight tummy upset can occur during these times of stress. Shivering can also be a common sign of stress. Every puppy will react differently.

All of these behaviors and symptoms are temporary and resolve themselves typically within just a few days to a week with proper consistent training and care during the adjustment period.

Please do not adopt a puppy if you cannot cope with some night time crying, or if you living arrangements (ex: apartments) will not tolerate such behaviors.


Buyer's Initials: ____________________


Spay/Neuter agreement:

Said puppy is being sold as a companion with no AKC registration. Spay/neuter is required by the age of 7 months. Proof of procedure must be provided to the Seller by the age of 8 months.


Buyer's Initials: ___________________



Buyer agrees said puppy will be solely owned and housed by the Buyer for the duration of the Dachshund's life.

If said puppy ever needs rehomed for any reason it is agreed that he/she will be returned to the Seller so that an appropriate home can be found and Seller can keep track of the whereabouts of said pup. No refund will be made for returning this puppy to be rehomed by the Seller. In the event the puppy is rehomed by the Buyer, Buyer will be prosecuted and must pay the applicable fee listed in the Penalty section of this contract as well as retrieve and return said puppy if it is still legally obtainable by the Buyer.


Buyer's Initials: ___________________


Penalty Fines:

If Buyer fails to provide the Seller with proof of a companion puppy’s spay/neuter procedure by the deadline described above in the spay/neuter agreement there will be a fine in the amount of $500.00 as a penalty for contract violation. In the event that the puppy is sold, given away, or taken to the pound/shelter at anytime in its life and the Buyer is prosecuted there will be a fine in the amount of $500.00 as a penalty for contract violation. If the puppy/dog is still legally obtainable by the Buyer they agree to retrieve it and return it to the Seller.


It is agreed that the place of venue for any legal dispute between the Buyer and Seller will be Kent County Michigan. This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied are included unless specifically stated herein. When Seller and Buyer execute this contract, it will be binding upon both parties, subject and pursuant to the terms and conditions herein. Having read the above, and with full understanding of the contents herein, I willingly enter into this agreement.


Buyer______________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Seller_____________________________________________ Date: ______________________