I have been raising purebred puppies of 3 breeds since 2003, but have solely raised just Dachshunds since 2010. They are my true passion. Below are the Buyer Testimonials I have collected from the Lovebug Doxie litters.

Thank you Kaleena, we are so glad that we have Zulu and she is doing great.

I’ve had two miniature doxies in the past and when our recent lab-mix passed, we decided to get another doxie.

After searching the Midwest for a dedicated, passionate breeder, I came across LoveBug Doxies. I didn’t want a “puppy mill” and after seeing Kaleena’s hands-on, family-oriented approach with Poms and Eskimos, I knew she was the right breeder for our new pup. Zulu was born in October 2011 and not only did Kaleena have live webcam access for the birthing, she sent us weekly pictures and we were able to watch her grow and play through live weekly webcam broadcasts. In addition, as soon as we picked out Zulu’s name, Kaleena began using it so she would know her name more quickly. She always answered any questions and concerns I may of had. When our schedule didn’t allow us to pick her up at 8 weeks, Kaleena happily kept her for another week, when we were able to make the trip to Michigan from Wisconsin. Seeing Zulu with her mom, dad and sister, along with Kaleena’s family, we knew we had made the right decision. Zulu is now a happy member of our family here in Wisconsin, and we keep Kaleena updated with pictures as Zulu continues to grow. We would highly recommend Kaleena for anyone searching for a puppy and believes that tender loving care is an important part of a puppy’s formative first 8 weeks.
— Donna, WI -Quin's 2011 Litter
My husband and I got two girls from Dash and Quin’s litter from October 2011 and couldn’t be happier with them. Delilah and Fiona are our little girls and they are spectacular. Not only are they extremely healthy, but everywhere I go people ask if they are show dogs because of how they carry themselves, and how perfect their features are. They are both so well tempered and absolutely the best pups on the planet! Not only will they cuddle, but they have learned so well since we picked them up. Both Delilah and Fiona work with me in my obedience classes as demonstration dogs at PetSmart in Rochester Hills; this means that they have had to learn the curriculum for all 5 classes, including information from the Canine Good Citizen test, and at 7 months old (May 2012) you couldn’t ask for more.

I have to say that the best part of the whole experience was working with Kaleena. Not only did she respond to our questions as quickly as possible, but keep all of her future pet parents informed of how each puppy was doing with weekly photos of their growth. Plus the puppy package that she put together for us was amazing! All the shot records, baby blanket, birth certificate, and any info we were lacking was all included. We couldn’t be happier, and are looking forward to expanding our doxie family in the future!

Thanks again!
— Julie & Matt Justice, Troy MI- Quin's 2011 Litter
My story of adopting my miniature dachshund was a bit different then the other two owners but I couldn’t of asked for a better outcome. I’ve always been a dachshund lover and knew that one day I wanted to get one. Once I knew that the time was right, I searched the web for the perfect breeder and stumbled upon Kaleena and Lovebug Doxies. I filled out the application expecting to be waiting for the next litter this summer and out of no where I got my life changing email from Kaleena saying that Skylar’s family wasn’t able to take her anymore. I couldn’t of been more ecstatic and told her I was interested right away. It couldn’t of worked out more perfectly because the next day, which was my birthday, I was able to pick up my new puppy! I can’t thank Kaleena enough for bringing such a wonderful puppy into my life! She made the quick process (in my case) so easy and exciting. Even though the experience of getting/picking my puppy was short, I couldn’t of asked for a better puppy to end up coming into my life. She was exactly what I wanted in a dog and it must be fate that I was able to get her so fast and it be on my birthday. She is by far the best birthday present I have ever gotten! A few days after having my precious puppy, I decided to change her name from Skylar to Ellie. I haven’t met a person who hasn’t fallen in love with Ellie by just looking at her, everyone can’t get over how beautiful her markings are and how good of a puppy she is. My happy little Ellie is very healthy and every time I take her to the vet, they always say how good her body is filling out. I love seeing Ellie grow and I will continue posting pictures of her as she gets older. I would highly recommend anyone to Kaleena who is looking for miniature dachshunds because she is clearly one of the best! Thank you so much Kaleena and maybe I will be interested in getting another baby sometime in the future! Can’t wait to see the future pups!
— Caitlan, Owosso MI -Quin’s Litter 2011
I am a doxie convert!! Always considered myself a ‘big dog’ person, but Sundae has completely changed my mind. She is the best combination of being snuggly and playful and funny. We are completely in love with her. Sundae is wonderful with our young grandkids, and became instant friends with our 5 year old pomeranian. I might need to refrain from checking out Kaleena’s website because I just know I will fall in love with another one. Kaleena was fantastic to deal with and I would not hesitate for a moment to get another Lovebug doxie!

(Karla purchased two more Lovebug Doxies after submitting this testimonial.)
— Karla, Grand Rapids MI - Quin's Litter 2012
We adopted Kaylee at 13 weeks…she is a joy. Kaleena really loves her puppies and dogs and it shows. I was impressed with her website from the start. We would adopt an entire litter from her if we could and many times we have thought about getting another…we really wanted Snow or Honey you never know we still may. Kaylee was socialized and it shows in her demeanor and temperament. Love bug Doxies is the perfect name for her puppies…they are love bugs. We are getting ready to celebrate her 1 year birthday on May 27th, “Love is being owned by a Dachshund”

(Edited to add)

Actually writing it from Khloe’s point of view
Dear Kaleena- Thank you for the wonderful beginning you provided for me in the 13 weeks I was with you. I want to thank you for my new forever home. I love my family and I am bonding with my older sister Kaylee(Quin/Dash Litter 2012). I am so happy that you found my family. My new Mommy and Daddy treat me so well. I love my forever home.
Love Khloe Grace Cislo and Kaylee Ann Cislo

The Cislo Pack is complete for now thanks for bringing back repeat owners it is because you are wonderful breeder.
— The Cislo Family New Boston MI - Quin's Litter 2012 + Peaches' Litter 2015
I bought a puppy from you in early December 2012, you had named her “Snow”. She was renamed “Penny Lane” after we got her home. She has been an absolute blessing to us. Our Vet examined her right after we got her and she said she was perfect and we wholeheartedly agree. Thank You for letting us buy Penny, I am sure we will be repeat customers.
— Tim, Midland MI - Peaches' Litter 2012
We purchased a puppy from LoveBug Doxie last year. We LOVE our dog Jovi! He is amazing. He is a red dapple. His markings are beautiful. His demeanor is fantastic. We have two other dogs and he fit right in. They are all the best of friends. Overall it was a wonderful experience. If we ever purchase another doxie it will be from LoveBug!!
— The Couts Family, Chesterfield MI - Quin's Litter 2012
When I started thinking of getting my mom a companion dog I have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed. With so many sizes and breeds of dogs and number of breeders, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Being a “manly dog” kind of guy the only thing I could think of was to stay away from little yippy dogs. Fortunately Kaleena, you and the Lovebug doxies were there to help show me otherwise. Your knowledge, experience and love of small breeds and dog breeding in general became evident the moment we started talking. You answered every question I could think of, dispelled my misconceptions and helped educate me to all the great things that these little guys are, basically a big dog wrapped in a small package. And yes, Barnaby has a 10 ft. tall personality!
Since bringing Barnaby home he has quickly became the “little lord of the manor”. He literally lives in the lap of luxury (my mom spoils him to no end) and he enjoys every minute of it. He has become more than a companion dog…..he is a member of the family. Thanks again for everything Kaleena.
— The Robinson’s, Greenville MI - Peaches' Litter 2012
Thank you again for bringing Tootsie into my life she has been a joy & I’m so thankful for her & my experience with you!

I picked up tootsie in the end of November right before thanksgiving in 2012. She has been a handful ever since but she has been such a joy to have! On thanksgiving she played very well with my sisters two mini dachshunds as well as with two Irish setters. She likes to play with bigger dogs more for some reason. As far as house training goes that’s the biggest thing we are still working with at 5 months but from previous experience with my sisters female dachshund & what my vet says some girl dachshunds are hard to train and you have to really crack down from day one because otherwise they can be a defiant breed at times. Because tootsie was around a lot of different homes around the holidays it was hard for her to grasp outside was the only place but now after being in the same home with the same routine in the morning she is doing very well! She is a lover she cuddles all the time & hasn’t chewed anything of mine up yet she generally goes for her toys because she has alot of them. She’s good with people, a little shy sometimes because she’s a Mommas girl but she’s friendly and very playful once she warms up to you. She’s 100% healthy and looking to get fixed after she’s 9 months. She does well with sit and stay & listens when I call her or discipline her. As far as her cage she does very well and doesn’t use the bathroom in it, at first I used puppy pads in the cage for her until she was potty trained better, now she only gets a dachshund approved bed in the cage and is always really good but just misses me once I’m home! She has always slept with me ever since the first night and she sleeps through the entire night always and is now waking me up in the morning or at night when she needs to go outside. All around my experience with Kaleena and tootsie have been all around outstanding and I’m very pleased I went through such a nice, smart, and experienced breeder.

Kaleena has been beyond helpful with any questions & concerns I had about tootsie and all of her answers have matched what my vet says. I’m so thankful and pleased tootsie came into my life. One thing I didn’t know and would like to mention about dachshunds is they’re so loving. I lost two of my best friends this summer and then recently my friends dad passed and tootsie had been the most comforting and therapeutic puppy for not only me but the families who lost their loved ones too. Everything can be going wrong one day and then I see my dog & she just cheers me up. I’m so thankful I have her & she has been such a ball of energy and a joy to have! I can’t wait to see what’s to come next! Thank you again Kaleena for all of your help and for bringing such a healthy, loving, and cute puppy into my life! I wish the best for you and Lovebug Doxies!
— Chelsea, Ann Arbor MI - Sprinkles' Litter 2012
I bought a male long haired from the “B” litter July 2013. Kaleena is great to work with. She made the buying process delightful and easy. I felt great about purchasing our new baby from her. My kids and I would watch on her live video feed weekly and photos from the birth on. Our pup is such a beautiful, well mannered boy. We will definitely buy our next pup from Kaleena!!
— Amanda, Walker MI - Peaches' Litter 2013
My husband and I purchased our first house about a year ago, and we were ready to expand our family. My husband wanted a running partner and a big dog to go on adventures with so he adopted a Rhodesian Ridgeback, who he named Kato. I however wanted a little lap dog to curl up on the couch and keep me company so I decided on a miniature dachshund. I am so blessed to have found Kaleena. Throughout the entire process she was through, informative, and answered all my questions. I loved that after the puppies were born Kaleena streamed a live puppy feed video once a week, all the way up until we were able to pick up our little darling. We named her Kyra, and she could not be more perfect. She is a great companion for our big dog; they love playing with each other and little Kyra bosses him around and teases him just like siblings. Then when she is tired from playing with her big brother, she is the perfect little lap dog and curls up on the couch with me. She has such an amazing personality and she brings us such joy. We could not have asked for anything more!
— The Bates Family, Paw Paw, Michigan - Sprinkles' Litter 2013
I love Lucy! Our little red long-hair dachshund is a riot. We have had many different puppy dachshunds and as much as we have loved each one, none compare to our feisty, funny little Lucy. I will never go anywhere else but LOVEBUG DOXIES for a dachshund. Lucy is a hit with everyone who comes into contact with her. At the vet, everyone in the office wants to hold her and play with her. The vet also commented that Lucy is the sweetest dachshund puppy he has ever seen. She is healthy, happy and just a lot of fun! I highly recommend LOVEBUG DOXIES to anyone thinking about getting a dog. They are the best!
— Susan, Grosse Isle MI - Sprinkles' Litter 2012
Kaleena was great to work with. She is great at answering any questions before during and after purchase. My pup, Boscoe, is the sweetest boy. A spitfire at times, incredibly lovey and smart. Everywhere we go people go nuts for him. I’m so happy to have found Lovebug Doxies for my first dachshund. I couldn’t ask for a better pup or a better experience!
— Meg, Troy MI - Peaches' Litter 2013
We purchased 2 wonderful puppies (Franco and Felix; now Joffrey and Taylor) from Lovebug Doxies in November 2014. They are now 7 months old and very happy. It was clear, from the start, that our babies had been raised well at their birth home! They were happy, clean and already socialized. They were then and have been friendly to all dogs and humans, including babies and toddlers. They have beautiful faces and their coats are growing longer and longer. It was a pleasure to work with Kaleena at Lovebug Doxies.
— Ken and Marcey, Glen Ellyn IL - Peaches' Litter 2014
(Pixel from Peaches’ 2012 Litter was rehomed in late 14’ when her senior owner’s health failed and the daughter could not keep her. The following is from her new owner, whose daughters also both own Lovebug Doxies)

Hi Kaleena, I just wanted to give you an update on Pixel. Pixel is doing wonderful and I will send a picture soon.
When Chelsea picked her up she was on the thin side and her (previous owners reported) aggression behavior was very minor and it took very little effort as she is very smart. Pixel is at a good weight now an updated on her shots. Pixel is so beautiful and one of the smartest dogs I have ever had, also no problems with her food, and she has run of the house and sleeps with me, she has no interest in a crate but is open if she wants to go in. Pixel is the love of my life and has gave me so much love in return. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to have Pixel she is precious to me, MY BABY FOR SURE! Pixel also loves her new (Lovebug Doxie) sisters Ellie and Wynn, we all spent time together on spring break and had a great time playing with them. Thank You
— Tami, Parsonburg Maryland - Peaches' Litter 2012
Before looking for another Male pup, I had my heart broken over a pup I purchased that has PRA(progressive retinal atrophy). It took me a while, but I came across “Love Bug doxies”. I was very impressed with the website. All questions were answered according to this website. I felt very confident when I found my male “SNICKERS”. He was the only male chocolate and cream in Dean and Peaches litter. So I claimed him immediately. I was so spoiled with excellent pictures and plenty of them. I watched him grow on web cam and grew more of a bond with this. My Snickers is what I have waited for and I am completely satisfied what he has become “My Friend”.

Snickers has been the perfect male as a stud, in show, and my personal buddy...He will be 2 in July and he is always doing something to amaze me....Love him to pieces! Thanks many times over Kaleena, he’s the best...
— Tammy, Michigan - Peaches' Litter 2014
If you want a well balanced, healthy, beautiful puppy that has been raised in a loving family with young children, look no further than Lovebug Doxies! Kaleena is an experienced, very professional breeder who is informative and very easy to work with. Our experience with her has been nothing short of exceptional. I will be forever thankful to her for bringing Finn into my life! He is the best dog I could have hoped for! Get on her waiting list now. You won’t regret it.
— Carmen, Ada MI - Meg's Litter 2014
I was very skeptical looking for a doxie breeder online. I looked at alot of breeders online but when I came across Lovebug Doxies I was immediately drawn to the site.
I was impressed because I could see right away that Kaleena was very involved with her puppies...I was impressed that she screened the applicants it showed me she didn’t just want to sell her puppies but that she genuinely cared where they were going...from the time I contacted Kaleena until the time I picked my puppy up she kept me informed by email, Facebook and messenger on how my puppy was doing...she sent me pictures and videos of my puppy as she grew until she was old enough to leave the litter. My puppy Jewel is not only beautiful but she is very healthy. Jewel has a great temperament, she is smart and learns fast. Jewel is not just a pet, she is a member of my family. I live in an apartment so I’m only allowed 1 dog but if I had a house I would absolutely get another puppy from Lovebug Doxies..I also want to mention that when picking Jewel up I was impressed at how clean Kaleena’s home was, how well behaved her children were and how her children treated the puppies...over all it was a great experience from beginning to end and I recommend Lovebug Doxies to everyone.
— Pam, Riverview MI - Meg's Litter 2015
We adopted Lola (Kennedy) in December 2015. She was one of seven puppies from Peaches and Emmett’s litter.
She is all that we could have hoped for and more! She is so smart and friendly. Lola has been fairly easy to potty train, even considering it was the middle of winter when we brought her home. She is patient and loving with children. She loves to meet new dogs and already has several doggie friends around the neighborhood. Lola loves being held and cuddled, taking walks and going for car rides. She hardly ever barks, so we are able to bring her along to many places in the community. She is an absolute joy and we are so proud of her. I should also mention how beautiful she is….stunning actually! If I can get my hubby to agree to a second puppy, we’ll be calling Kaleena at Lovebug Doxies for sure! Thank you Kaleena. We are grateful for you!
— Amy, Troy MI - Peaches' Litter 2015
Our family adopted our puppy 6 months ago when he was around 4 months old. Kaleena has been there to answer ALL questions and concerns along the way. From asking about training, health, and breed temperament, to where to find puppy sweaters for colder months :) - she is ALWAYS on it. Always! Did I mention she was in her third trimester and still answering my emails right away?! & after she had her son!
Our dog is doxie to the core! And just beautiful! You can tell he was loved and handled as a pup. Having small children in their home, along with other dogs, definitely helped with his quick transition into our home (We have a 2 year old and another larger family dog). Kaleena loves what she does, and that’s evident not only in her dogs, but her interaction with their new family.
Thank you!! - for the four millionth time :)
— Staci, Rockford MI - Meg's Litter 2014
Our family adopted our little Winnie (Hayden) last May from Lovebug Doxies. Her parents are Quin (now retired) and Dash. She is the sweetest dog with a wonderful personality and disposition. She is smart and has been easy to train. I loved the puppy pictures that Kaleena posted weekly and I have saved them all. We also enjoyed watching the weekly puppy cam. We felt like we got to know Winnie before we even picked her up.
Kaleena is great to work with and I would highly recommend purchasing a puppy from Lovebug Doxies. These little dogs will add lots of love to your family!
— Susan, South Haven MI - Quin's Litter 2015
I can’t believe she(Kelsey) is already six months old. She’s such a joy and has the funniest personality. Her favorite game is fetch and her favorite place to take a nap is in my lap while I’m doing homework at the kitchen table. People compliment me on her coat color and curliness all the time. She truly is picture perfect.

Thank you again for my little love and I hope all is well :)
— Margeret, Grand Rapids MI - Peaches' Litter 2015
Thank you so much, Kaleena for our goofy yet very sweet little Tilly! Our lives would be so boring without her!

We weren’t expecting to get another dog right away, but our other puppy at the time was wanting a companion. I had started following Lovebug Doxies on Facebook a while before and knew it was only a matter of time until I had to have my own. I would always watch the live cameras of other puppies and litters. I couldn’t wait to see the pups pictures and their adorable, creative names she gives each one. Then, I saw this adorable little red long haired pup who was still available and it was all over! We had to have her!!

Matilda Jane “Tilly” has more character and personality than any dog we have ever owned! She’s always the first to greet us at the door with excitement and she lives to play fetch! This girl could play ball all day if you let her! 😉 She is so smart and picks up on new things super fast! She was a little puppy genius at Puppy Class and really enjoyed learning Flyball, as well. She is eager to please and loves to learn and do new, fun things! Surprisingly, even though she is a very active little girl she is a huge snuggler when playtime is done! She loves to lay on our laps and get belly rubs when she’s not running in the yard! We love this crazy girl to pieces and wouldn’t change or trade her for a thing!

Kaleena is great! She is dedicated to making sure each of her pups goes to a good, loving family. I love that these pups are raised in her home and around her family. She really has great dogs and wonderful puppies! I’m so glad I was able to find such an amazing Doxie breeder!! I won’t get a Dachshund from anyone else!
— Nichole, Grand Rapids MI - Peaches Litter 2012
I once had a friend tell me that having a dog was the best decision they ever made. It changed the dynamic of the whole household—everyone was happy. And I found that to be true.

Calvin Dash is an absolute joy our family didn’t know we were missing. We discussed bringing a pet into our lives for a long time and when we found Lovebug Doxies we knew this was the right breeder to help us with that journey.

Calvin is a master snuggler, pen and napkin stealer and the most special companion to each member of our family. Lovebug Doxies helped us with our search, any questions we had (and continue to have) and really show a keen attention to their breeding process. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for well-tempered dogs that are insanely cute and bred with great expertise.

WARNING: Once you buy one dachshund you’ll want more...
— Missy, Rockford MI - Quin's Litter 2013
I cannot say enough about the beautiful baby lovebug we added to our family in February. Lola aka Sprinkles, is the most loveable, fun loving, spirited little Doxie that I have ever seen. Not only is she our little darling and her brothers darling, but, anybody who meets her falls instantly in love with her. Possibly also the most photographed pup ever. Everyone we meet pulls out their phones and say “I have to send a pic of her to.....”. It’s so funny. Kaleena produces a beautiful, and very pure pup. It took me 3 years of watching one litter after another come and go, but when I saw Lola I knew I had to have her, it just felt right.
— Peggy , Lapeer MI - Ginger's Litter 2016
I adopted a sweet little piebald girl in February of 2017. She is 7 months old now and has adjusted well to our family! She is so playful and has a wonderful disposition. 

Keleena was so helpful and kept me informed during the 8 week adoption process! She would post pictures on Facebook of all the puppies every week! It was fun to see how they all growing and developing. I highly recommend Lovebug Doxies! It was a great experience. 
— Jan, MI - Ginger's Litter 2016
3 years ago Kaleena Faber (Lovebug Doxies) blessed us with this amazing Dachshund Hannah who we later named her Pumpkin! She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! She has the best temperament and is super social with people and with other animals! We actually just recently got another dachshund named Wallace who we later named Franky from Lovebug Doxies as well and hes just as sweet! I 100% support this breeder and I suggest anyone who is looking to get a dachshund should get them from her cause her pups are the best and shes super awesome about keeping in touch and answering any questions you have before and after you adopt one of her precious dachshunds!
— Jenna & Matt, MI - Quin's Litter 2015 & Cinnamon's Litter 2017
After a 3 1/2 month search for the perfect breeder, I came across Love Bug Doxies. Once My family and I began the adoption process, the trip/process was flawless. Love Bug Doxies kept us informed through the later parts of the pregnancy and when the puppies were born. We were provided with plenty of quality pictures and videos along the way. Communication was always very quick and in detail. Pick up day was easy, we were provided with the proper information on our pups health records, suggested food and a toy that had the other siblings in the litter scent on it to help make a smooth transition. Tucker (“S” litter 2016) adjusted well to his new family and is truly the love of our home. He was very easy to potty train, knows many tricks, and just makes you feel special everyday.

Finding and selecting a breeder can be very stressful, I am beyond pleased with the choice we made. This breeder truly loves their dogs and it shows in the quality and temperament of these beautiful doxies. Our little guy is a dream come true and we will forever be grateful to Love Bug Doxies!
— The Dalson Family, Gaylord MI - Ginger's Litter 2016
I am so very grateful for my little Winnie!!! She is such a beautiful pup and so well mannered, friendly, full of energy, and she gives so much love. I feel that she was so meant to be for my family and I.

Losing my girl of 15 years was such a horrible time in my life and being able to adopt Winnie was the most amazing gift to me, she will never replace “Pepsi” but she will fill my life with love and a whole new personality.

Kaleena, you have done a wonderful job raising your pups, not only the “W litter” but all of your past pups and I am sure your future puppies as well. I truly enjoy following you with your true passion and love of these wonderful animals. You are really amazing with your knowledge of the breed and to have the ability of making well rounded offspring. I will always recommend you and I will for sure purchase another pup from you in the future. Winnie is such a long, lean wiener pup with a lot of spunk, silliness, and love, but can be stubborn at times. She makes me so happy and I laugh every day with and at her, she is so amazing and fun!! Thank you so much Kaleena for my little Winifred!!!
— Jill W, Holly MI - Cinnamon's Litter 2017
For those who are getting a puppy I can tell you this, I have two lovebug puppies from Kaleena, a Black and Tan long hair and a light Red longhair , adopted them both at 8 weeks. One will be 3 at the end of February and the other will be one this Jan 1st. They are smart, happy and most importantly healthy. We have had many compliments on them both. My vet loves them. We are blessed to have them and believe you all will be too.
— Leslie H, Gibraltar MI - Valentine's Litter 2015 & Toffee's Litter 2017
Bolt and Dash are both Lovebug Doxies. They are brothers from a Dean and Cinnamon litter. They have two completely different personalities and I wouldn’t change a thing. They are healthy and loving boys.
— Gina R, Flint MI - Cinnamon's Litter 2017
I would recommend Lovebug Doxies to everyone! I got my sweet baby from Lovebug Doxies 3 years ago (July 2016) and my pup was worth every penny. Kaleena did a great job of keeping me up to date with pictures, and making sure I had everything I needed when I picked up my girl. She also always answered any questions I had very quickly, and the whole process is well thought out and ensures the pups are going to good homes. She truly loves her doggies and takes care of them so well. If I had the space for a second one, I’d be getting one from her again!
— Michelle C, Freeland MI - Peaches' Litter 2016
Our family welcomed Quinn almost 3 years ago. (Cinnamon and Winter litter) We were so pleased with all of the photos and updates we received before we were able to bring her home, and Kaleena made the entire process very easy for our family. Quinn has a fantastic personality and has grown into a very wonderful dog. She is funny, loves to play, and loves her family! Her coat and markings are beautiful. Her vet says she is a fantastic example of a well bred doxie, and all of the ladies at the vet office love her of course! As a family, we waited quite awhile for a puppy, and when I first saw the photo of Quinn in the birth announcement email, I knew she was the one for us. She has been the perfect addition to our family, and we couldn’t love her more. We would recommend to anyone who is looking to adopt to check out Lovebug Doxies. Kaleena is very helpful, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to share her love for the breed and all of her dogs and puppies!
— Tara M, Zeeland MI - Cinnamon's Litter 2016
I always said I would not get a dog until I finished working. 60 hour work weeks and lots of travel wouldn’t be fair to a dog so we had multiple wonderful cats. But as retirement came closer, I started to follow websites of various breeds and rescues, entering dog world since my last dog was when I was 8 years old! Lovebug Doxies was impressive with its’ web content and breeding philosophy — and suddenly a puppy became available in the U litter due to a last minute cancellation and I responded at 6:30 am with a commitment.

We’re so glad we were impulsive! Kaleena was responsive and very helpful as we assembled all the necessary puppy equipment like crates and gates and food brands and vet needs, etc while waiting the eight weeks of early care. We loved the regular videos and photo updates. She even introduced us to washable pee pads (they’re great!). Most important, she offered a healthy, terrific addition to our household. Emma/Unicorn just had her second birthday and she’s wonderful: stubborn as a Doxie, cuddly as a Doxie and has her puppy parents wrapped around her short paws! Thank you Kaleena for being such a caring breeder.
— Jeanne Umholtz & Bob Johnson, Bloomfield Hills MI - Cinnamon's Litter 2017