Our breeding plans for the upcoming year

(dates are estimates, studs are subject to change, and conception can not be guaranteed)


Toffee + Gizmo - Planned summer 2018

Ruby + Gizmo - Planned summer 2018

Betsy + Gizmo - Planned fall 2018

Meg + Gizmo - Planned fall 2018

Ginger + Gizmo - Planned fall 2018

Hazel + Gizmo - Planned fall/winter 2018

Cinnamon + Gizmo - Planned winter 2018/19


Expected colors and coat types:

Gizmo + Betsy - Smooth and Long coats. Black & Tan in regular, Dapple, or possibly Piebald if he carries the gene. 

Gizmo + Toffee - All Long coats. Black & Tan, Chocolate & Tan, or Red in regular or Brindle.

Gizmo + Meg - All Long coats. Chocolate & Tan or Black & Tan, possible Piebalds if he carries the gene.

Gizmo + Ginger - All smooth coats. Chocolate & Tan, Black & Tan or Red, possible Piebalds if he carries the gene.

Gizmo + Cinnamon - Smooth and Long coats. Red or Black & Tan in regular or Brindle.





Please fill out the application to join my waiting list. Those on the list will receive a birth announcement each time a litter is born here until you purchase the puppy of your dreams or unsubscribe from the list. If you are not interested in a particular litter you can ignore the announcement and you will still remain on the list for next time.

Puppies are sold in order of response.