Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Please read the following from start to finish before completing the application for adoption. Just about any question you could possibly need answered is listed below for your convenience. This will help you determine if I am the right breeder for you. 


Lovebug Doxies is located in Belmont Michigan. All puppies must be picked up from my home. No shipping, transport, or meeting offsite is offered at this time.  

All puppies sold are PET puppies intended for companion homes. They will not be provided AKC papers, and are required by contract to be spayed/neutered. Proof of the parents AKC status can be provided.

Full AKC may be an option offered to a very small and select group of experienced breeders. 

I raise Miniature Dachshunds in Long Hair and Smooth Coat. Most of my pups grow to be 9-12lbs. Occasionally a “tweenie” pops up. Size can never be guaranteed, only estimated.



Adoption fees range from $1000-1600. The deposit to reserve your pick of the litter is $300. Zelle, Paypal, or money order are accepted for deposits. Balance is due in cash in person on pick up day. As a fraud prevention policy, cash is the only payment method for your balance. 

 All payments are non-refundable, however under certain extreme circumstances, like a family tragedy prior to pick up day, deposits can be transferred for up to one year. 

I also give discounts to returning customers and those that purchase more then one puppy at a time.  


What is included in your investment? 

The raising of your puppy from conception to 8-10 weeks of age. That includes careful care of mum, prenatal vitamins, vet visits, top quality food, deworming, a safe assisted labor & delivery, bottle or tube feeding IF needed, bathing & grooming, weekly photo shoots with quality results, vaccinations, socialization, and endless love.  

You will also receive a deluxe puppy kit which includes a small bed and toy with the litter scent for comfort, a collar, coupons, a 5lb bag of food which is likely to get you through the first month. A folder with shot records, a copy of your completed contract, and Dachshund info sheet. 

Waiting list and Adoption Process 

Puppies are typically reserved within days of their birth by those on my waiting list. The list is not kept in numerical order so all members have an equal chance at adoption. Everyone on the list will receive an email announcement each time a litter is born. Puppies are then sold in order of replies to said email. Those that do not respond, or do not receive a puppy will remain on the list for next time. You may unsubscribe from my waiting list at any time. I do ask that you refrain from reserving a puppy without prior approval from your spouse or landlord, because backing out 24-48 hours later wastes my time and the puppy's opportunities to be adopted by others on the wait list. 

Each August members will be asked to re-confirm ongoing interest with an annual opt in process. 

Visiting Lovebug Doxies 

I do not allow visits with puppies before vaccinations. This policy is to prevent the spread of disease, particularly Parvovirus, which can not only kill that whole litter within mere days, it is notoriously difficult to eradicate from the property and can affect future litters as well. Their safety is of the utmost importance to me. The first day they can meet you is the day you take them home.  

It is strongly recommended that you avoid pet stores, and dog parks with your new puppy until the full course of booster shots are completed by your veterinarian. You should also NOT allow your puppy to WALK through the vet’s lobby, they sterilize exam tables after every pet but they do not always mind the floor. It’s one of those little things that never cross people’s minds. 

Puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks old and must be picked up no later than 10 weeks of age.   


My puppies are handled daily from birth. They are born right in the center of my home where I can keep a very close eye on them day and night. When they’re a little older they graduate to the downstairs nursery where we can spread the puppy pen out much wider. Through that room the older dogs come and go as they please to their fenced in play yard. So my puppies are raised in an active family environment. They get used to all sorts of household sounds and action, they play with my kids, and meet the other dachshunds.  

Dachshunds, like most breeds, are incredibly social. If you do not own other dogs you may find your pup requires a great deal of attention during the initial adjustment period to make up for the lack of canine "pack mates" they are used to seeing around the clock at my house. Some crying, mostly at night, is to be expected. Leaving the pack can be hard for a baby. 

PLEASE do not adopt a puppy if you cannot cope with, or your living arrangements will not tolerate, a few nights of puppy crying. 


Additional points of interest 

We feed Victor MultiPro to all our dogs and puppies. That is an all life stages food which means you do not need to switch from puppy to adult formula at a certain age. It can be found on and Amazon.

 Potty training for this notoriously stubborn breed can take several months. I recommend tiny chewy treats on hand outside at every opportunity as well as crate training as a potty training tool for best results. 


Please proceed to the Puppy Contract to review the health guarantee and legal stipulations associated with adopting a Lovebug Doxie.