Adoption fees range from $800-1600 and are always for PET only. I do give discounts to returning customers and to those purchasing more then one puppy at a time. Deposits are $250 per puppy. I accept money orders or paypal for deposits only. Reservations are accepted shortly after the birth of each litter and deposits should be received within one week to maintain that reservation. Your balance is due in cash in person on pick up day. Cash upon pick up is the only acceptable form of payment, that is a fraud prevention policy in place to prevent things like cancelled checks or paypal disputes for example. All payments are non-refundable.


Waiting List and Adoption Process:
Puppies are typically reserved within days of their birth by those on my waiting list. The list is not kept in numerical order so all members have an equal chance at adoption. Everyone on the list will receive an email announcement each time a litter is born. Puppies are then sold in order of reply to said email. Those that do not respond, or do not receive a puppy will remain on the list for next time. You may unsubscribe from my waiting list at anytime. I do ask that you refrain from reserving a puppy without prior approval from your spouse or landlord, because backing out 24-48 hours later wastes my time and the puppy's opportunities to be adopted by others on the wait list. Please fill out the Application to join the list. 


Photos and Videos:
Puppy pictures are posted within a day of birth and are updated weekly after that. They can be found on my Current Litters Page, Facebook Page, and Instagram. Videos will also be posted at random along the way usually after they start to walk. Video of the birth is also sometimes available. Photos can be turned into keepsakes at your request. Please ask me about available options through my Zazzle Store.


My puppies are handled daily from birth. They are used to household noises, my family members, other dachshunds, and going outside if the weather allows. To maintain that well rounded youngster you must continue to expose them to people, household sounds, and other pets whenever you can. Note that if you do not own other dogs the pup will expect additional attention during the adjustment period to make up for the lack of canine "pack mates" they are used to seeing round the clock at my house. Some crying, mostly at night, is to be expected.

PLEASE do not adopt a puppy if you can not cope with, or your living arrangements will not tolerate, a few nights of puppy crying.


Visiting Lovebug Doxies:
I do NOT allow visitors contact with puppies until they have been vaccinated. There are ZERO exceptions to this policy and it is my most important LIFE SAVING rule. This policy is to prevent the spread of disease such as parvovirus which can kill the whole litter very suddenly. Their safety is of the utmost importance to me. The first day they meet the public is also pick up day.


Pick Up Day:
Puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks old. At which point they have had their first shot and have been dewormed for common parasites several times. They will be accustomed to eating dry puppy food but need to be fed small meals often in order to keep their blood sugar stable while they are still so young. Pick up day must take place no later then 10 weeks of age. Each puppy will go home with a puppy kit including shot record. Mild distress, mostly at bedtime, and maybe slight tummy upset can be common during the first couple days in their new home.

PLEASE do not adopt a puppy if you can not cope with, or your living arrangements will not tolerate, a few nights of puppy crying.


All puppies must be picked up from my home in Belmont Michigan. 


Puppy Kits Typically Include:
Copy of your completed Contract, Shot Record, their first collar, small toy with scent of the litter for comfort.

Note that AKC papers are NOT included with PET puppies. However proof of the parent's AKC status can be provided at anytime.  

Suggested Shopping List:
We highly recommend Victor HI-Pro Plus dog food. This is an ALL life stages food, meaning you do not need to switch from puppy to adult formula at a certain age. We feed this to all of our dogs and puppies and have it delivered to our door by

I also recommend you get some Chew Toys, a Medium Sized Crate, Leash, Collar or Harness, Flea and Heartworm Preventatives.